Personal Transformations

the freedom to go wherever is needed, blending tools and traditions, carving out an individual approach that fits the wisdom quest of the seeker

I struggled for so long trying to make sense of what life had thrown at me.

Despite being very knowledgeable about my symptoms and having many techniques to address them individually, I was still living in darkness, unable to see the bigger picture and a way forward.

But then I met Chloe! Her warmth and honest desire for me to transform my tragedies into treasures was evident from our first connection. She is deeply intuitive and was respectful that I wanted my yoga practice to be a part of my transformation.

Whenever we connected she dropped wisdom into our conversations that felt rooted in nature or from past generations. Yet it was also bang up-to-date addressing the here and now.

She inspired me to take these droplets of wisdom; mental, physical or spiritual back into my reality, onto my yoga mat so I felt supported and that she was right behind me.

Our sessions were so insightful they stayed with me for days,  regularly bringing clarity to confusion from her ‘Drops of Wisdom’.

I am eternally grateful to have met you Chloe, thank you for everything.